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About the examination 
 • The examination paper is structured into 3 sections. 

 • There are 10 multiple-choice questions in the examination paper. Each question is worth 1 mark.  

Answering the examination questions 

• Each question has four possible answers: A, B, C or D. Please select the letter of the correct answer. 

• All 10 questions should be attempted. No marks are deducted for wrong answers. Marks are neither gained nor lost if a question is not answered. 



2.1In what year did Thomas Bedford, David Hickish and Peter Isaac start the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS)?

2.2How many Founder Members of BOHS were there?

2.3When was BOHS awarded Royal Chartered status and recognised as the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection?


3.1What were the net benefits of employing occupational hygiene experts on the building of the Olympic park and village for the 2012 Olympics?

3.2In what year did BOHS create an Examining Board to establish and certify professional standards?

3.3How many members does BOHS have (as at Sept 2020)

3.4What year did the The Annals of Occupational Hygiene change its' name to the The Annals of Work Exposures and Health ?


4.1What year did BOHS produce an exposure standard for chrysotile?

4.2When did the BOHS head office move from London to Derby?

4.3In what year was the Walton and Bennett Graticule invented, specifically designed for counting asbestos fibres?


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